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A continuation of the Waco “F” series of aircraft, introduced in 1930, the UPF-7 was a three-seater trainer that was produced from 1937 to 1942.  The UPF-7 arrived at a time when the Great Depression limited the number of civilians purchasing biplanes and newer monoplanes were seeing greater use at flying schools.  That left the US Army and Navy as the only ones purchasing biplanes for their training programs, but only 14 UPF-7s were purchased by the Army Air Corps.  600 more UPF-7s were produced and were largely used in the Civilian Pilot Training Program from 1940-1942.

The Waco UPF-7 saw a surge in popularity after WW2 but was largely relegated to crop dusting and as a hobby aircraft.  Due to its inexpensive nature, it became quite popular with glider clubs as a tow-plane.

2022 AirVenture Lindy Award Winner

Owner: Scott Rozell

Quick facts

  • Engine: Continental W-670-6A, 220 hp
  • Maximum speed: 130 mph
  • Range: 400 miles
  • Length: 23 ft, 6 in
  • Wingspan: 30 ft

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