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The Lancair Legacy is a popular aircraft used in Reno Air Races held annually in Nevada.  With powerplant enhancements, such as twin turbos, a highly specialized propeller and carbon fiber reinforcements in the rear part of the fuselage and tail (commonly known as the “Reno Wrap”) the Legacy is capable of reaching a speed of just over 400mph in competition. The fastest Legacy has seen a speed of 403mph… just 2 mph under where controllability becomes a major concern. 

Owners since 2014:  Rick Croasdale Manvel, TX & Brian Crawford Houston, TX

Built by Bill & Debbie Oprendek of Sedona, AZ

Build time:  2 years – 4,000 man-hours (built 2004-2006)

Quick facts

  • Engine: Continental IO-550N (6-cylinder, normally aspirated) 310 horsepower at 2,700 RPM
  • Maximum speed: Full Power, sea level:  239 knots (275 mph)
  • Range: Best Economy:  215 knots (247mph) and 880 nautical miles. Best Power:  228 knots (262 mph) and 790 nautical miles.
  • Length: 23 ft, 6 in
  • Wingspan: 30 ft
  • Approximate Fuel Burn: Best Economy – 11.6 gallons per hour at 13,000 feet, Best Power 15 gallons per hour at 8,000 feet

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