2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and likely the last milestone anniversary for most of those that served in uniform. Lest we forget those that fought for the freedoms and liberties we have today,  we have the opportunity to reflect on the final year of the war and the personal strength and sacrifices of those that fought abroad and those that served and supported here at home. Their courage and commitment and the resolve of the nation won the war and changed the world.

Fight to the Finish Exhibit – 1945: The Final Year

The Fight to the Finish exhibit explores the air war in 1945 and the road to victory. After years of combat, the Allied forces finally closed in on Germany and Japan.  By 1945, some of the largest and most powerful air raids in history were bringing a decisive end to World War II. In Europe, in the Pacific, and at home, American men and women gave everything to defeat the Axis Powers.  The exhibit, created by LSFM, features wartime images, a historical timeline, personal accounts and rare wartime artifacts from the museum archives including bomb pins from 30 missions that include data about each flight, a flak jacket with holes from shrapnel during an airstrike, a Kamikaze pilot helmet and many more.

“The Art of Persuasion” – Original WWII Poster Exhibition

This 20-piece World War II original poster exhibition will be on display throughout the Waltrip Hangar. When the U.S. entered World War II, posters were produced by the thousands to rally support on the home front, encourage participation in the war efforts, and in some cases, highlight the consequences of non-support. Produced from paintings, drawings and artful interpretations by hundreds of artists from around the country, the display gives a glimpse into the climate of the nation during WWII and how the power of persuasion and propaganda messaging was used on the home front and on the front lines. The exhibition of rare original posters was made possible by collector, Lone Star Flight Museum volunteer pilot and United Airlines captain Tim Hahn. 

1945: World War II’s Last Year in Pictures

At the end of 1944, Americans were feeling good about the progress of World War II, but it was far from over.  The year 1945 would see the great joy of Victory In Europe (VE Day) and Victory Over Japan (VJ Day) but is would also see some of the most brutal fighting of the war.  It would show the world the true horror of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and it would see the introduction of the most destructive weapons humanity had ever known.  It was one of the most important years in history and 75 years later, its effects still shape the world we live in today.  These 40 iconic images from the last year of World War II capture the reality, sacrifice and raw emotion of the men and women who struggled and succeeded in preserving freedom on a global basis.

The Lone Star Flight Museum Victory Garden

During World War II communities would create Victory Gardens to give relief to public food supply rationing and create a boost in morale when their hard work was rewarded by fresh produce. Throughout this year the museum has transformed some of the landscaping in the front entrance of the museum into its own Victory Garden with thriving tomatoes, watermelon, purple hull peas, and more!