New exhibit featuring early commercial aircraft, uniforms and memorabilia!


Lone Star Flight Museum kicks off Summer 2021 with Welcome Aboard – Colorful Nostalgia of Commercial Flight

Developed by Lone Star Flight Museum, this fun exhibit highlights the colorful history of commercial flight. Welcome Aboard features vintage aircraft, original pilot and flight attendant uniforms and early industry inflight amenities.

Transforming Air Travel

Air travel is a way of life around the world. Early air travel was limited to the wealthy and was considered an elite luxury. Today, it is uncommon to find someone that has not flown in a commercial, private, executive, military or cargo plane. Aviation elevated all commerce, but early commercial aircraft not only transformed leisure and business travel, it also added a touch of class and clout to those that were lucky enough to experience it.

A community collaboration

Along with Mid-America Flight Museum, 1940 Air Terminal Museum and United Airlines; Lone Star Flight Museum presents Welcome Aboard to showcase LSFM’s two commercial aircraft – Howard 250 and Douglas DC-3. The aircraft stories illustrate the process of how these incredible machines were transformed from aviation heroes of World War II into a newly created industry that took civilian travel to the skies, in style.

Nostalgic Memorabilia

As the industry grew and became more accessible and consumer-focused, flight attendants and in-flight amenities became an important part of the flying experience. Displays and artifacts provided by the 1940 Air Terminal Museum will feature early pilot and flight attendant uniforms and a “sampling” of in-flight comforts and conveniences, like aircraft china, playing cards and more. Displays and images from United Airlines Foundation chronicles how commercial flight impacted airports, the maintenance industry, and the game-changing customer service department.

Welcome Aboard is included in your general admission and FREE for museum members.