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Hall of Fame

Chester W. Nimitz

Fleet Admiral of the United States Navy

U.S. Navy Commander in Chief, Pacific Area of Operations during World War II.

Chester Nimitz was a soft-spoken, relaxed leader with a unique ability to assemble the best people for his leadership team while having the courage to let them do their jobs. He is regarded as a true leader by example and served most of World War II as the Commander in Chief, Pacific Operations Area before being promoted to Fleet Admiral near the end of the war.  He realized the value of the aircraft carrier and the strategic role aviation would play during the war. The effectiveness of air attacks from aircraft carriers was demonstrated during the Battle of Midway where Navy SBD Dauntless dive bombers sank four Japanese carriers and turned the tide of the war.  The National Museum of the Pacific War is located in Nimitz’s boyhood home in Fredericksburg, Texas.  

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