We have teaching aids and ‘Activity Guides’ to create impactful pre, during and post field trip experiences.  

LSFM strives to be more than just a fieldtrip destination, but to be your classroom away from school that gives the opportunity for a richer, more purpose driven visit where students can actually experience what they are learning.

Our Resources and Guides:

  • Generate deeper understanding by incorporating post-visit activities into your classroom curriculum.
  • Create a “working fieldtrip” while using the Activity Guides at LSFM – Each Activity Guide can be downloaded and customized to fit the need of your students.
  • Activity Guides for Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts by grade level allow teachers to choose the focus of their museum visit. 
  • Several of our field trip Activity Guides have been adjusted to be used as distance learning lessons during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Downloadable Resources

Activity Guides are in PDF format.

Teachers are encouraged to print and copy selected pages for use during the fieldtrip. 

If you would like a targeted lesson for a fieldtrip and we do not have an activity guide that covers it, let us know at education@lonestarflight.org and we’ll build it for you.

Temporary Exhibit – Never Forget: Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

These resources are selected to help visiting teachers give context to the Never Forget exhibit. Overview and the Lesson are material for one or two class periods, while Modules and More are an almost unlimited resource of information.


9/11 Interactive Timelines

9/11 Attack Timeline– a by-the-minute account of the events of 9/11.

Recovery at Ground Zero Timeline – Summary by day of the clean-up and response to 9/11.

1993 WTC Bombing Timeline – planning and recovery from the earlier attack.


What Happened on 9/11? Part 1/Part 2

Students will be introduced to a timeline of key events on the morning of 9/11 and first-person accounts.

Includes the videos showing in the LSFM Orientation Theater.


9/11 Primer

For an in-depth study of the WTC, Twin Towers, and the attack, aftermath, and recovery.


Lesson Plans from the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

A wide selection of lessons for all age students.

Virtual School Programs

Connect with the 9/11 Memorial &Museum through Zoom.