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Hall of Fame

Leland Snow

Founder Air Tractor, Inc.

The recipe for progress is to promise something and then force yourself to do it.

Leland Snow is one of the true pioneers of the agricultural aviation industry.  He created the first purpose-built aerial spray airplane when he was 21 years old and still a student at Texas A&M University. Snow produced many aircraft under the Snow Aeronautical Company name before selling his company in the 1960s to Rockwell-Standard.  As a vice president with Rockwell, he developed the Thrush, a low-wing agricultural aircraft.  After he leaving Rockwell in 1970, Snow designed the Air Tractor and began construction of this revolutionary plane in Olney, Texas. Over the years, Air Tractor set the industry standard for maneuverability, safety, load capacity and efficiency of agricultural aircraft. Air Tractors are used all over the world for spraying, seeding, fertilizing, firefighting and drug interdiction missions. 

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