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Hall of Fame

David Lee “Tex” Hill

Flying Tiger Ace and Brigadier General in the Texas Air National Guard

Tex Hill finished World War II with 181/4 aerial victories.

Raised in Texas and a graduate of Austin College, Naval Aviator David “Tex” Hill resigned his commission in 1941 to become a member of the American Volunteer Group, known as the “Flying Tigers.” The Flying Tigers were American pilots who volunteered to fly for the Chinese against Japan prior to the United States entry in World War II. A top ace, Hill was credited with destroying 10 ¼ Japanese planes while with the AVG. After the United States joined the war, Hill received a commission in the Army Air Force where he ultimately commanded the 23rd Fighter Group. There he claimed eight more victories, giving him a total of 18 ¼ victories during World War II. After he left active service, Hill accepted command of the 136th Fighter Group of the Texas Air National Guard in 1946 and became the youngest Brigadier General in the history of the Guard.

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