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Hall of Fame

George A. Davis

American Ace Pilot

Fourth highest ranking American ace of the Korean War

Born in Dublin, Texas, World War II pilot Lieutenant Colonel George A. Davis, Jr. flew 266 combat missions in P-47 Thunderbolts.  He had seven confirmed victories against Japanese aircraft in the Philippines. During the Korean War, Davis flew an F-86 Sabre Jet in 60 combat missions and claimed 14 aerial victories, making him the fourth highest ranking American ace of the Korean War. He was one of only seven Americans to achieve ace status in two wars.  On Davis’ last mission over the Manchurian border, he intercepted twelve enemy fighters about to attack friendly forces, shooting down two before being shot down himself. Although outnumbered and under continuous fire, he continued to seek out the enemy rather than retreat.  His bravery earned him the Medal of Honor.

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