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Hall of Fame

Marion P. Jayne

Air Race Pioneer and Entrepreneur

Marion P. Jayne

Marion P. Jayne is known on six continents for world records, pioneering achievements, and encouraging women and men to sharpen flying skills. She overcame huge challenges to found seven businesses and is the only U.S. pilot to compete in two Round the World Air Races.

In 1969 she was just the 12th woman to earn an Air Transport Rating. Ohio to Nicaragua via Mexico in 1971 was her first big race victory. Jayne soloed the Atlantic Ocean twice in single engine planes. In the two world races, Jayne and daughter, Nancy Jayne Palozola, won 2nd in 1992 and in 1994 with daughter, Patricia Jayne Keefer, placed 1st earning the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Gold Medal for the longest race to date at 21,000 miles.

Jayne amassed many awards in 30 flying years such as the Women in Aviation International’s Hall of Fame and being named one of 100 Aviation Heroes for the First Century of Flight. Beyond aviation, she was an extraordinary equestrian, champion golfer, and Olympic-trials swimmer.

“There is a terrific sense of accomplishment when you make a plan, practice and do your best to conquer a challenge. It makes you a better person.” –Marion P. Jayne

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