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After you have purchased your flight, please contact our Flight Scheduler, Emily McGowan at flight@lonestarflight.org or 346-352-7679. Please include yoru flight confirmation number and the plan on which you’ll be flying. The schedule is set on first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to include contact information in your email, including phone number.

The Lone Star Flight Museum is pleased to offer flight experiences in the North American B-25 Mitchell, Boeing PT-17 Stearman, Fairchild PT-19 Cornell North American T-6 Texan and the Cessna T-41 Mescalero. Pricing below is per person unless otherwise noted.

North American B-25 Mitchell: $450

North American AT-6 Texan: $375

Boeing PT-17 Stearman: $300

Fairchild PT-19 Cornell: $300

Cessna T-41 Mescalero: $275 (Total price whether 1 or 3 passengers)

Duration of flight experience is 35-40 minutes, 20-25 minutes in the air. Passengers must be 18 or older for the T-6, Stearman and PT-19. Passengers who are 12-17 years old can only fly in the T-41 if accompanied by a parent. They cannot fly without a parent. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Certainly! A flight in one of our historic aircraft makes the perfect gift for all occasions. Flight certificates are available for purchase by phone or in person at the museum. Our flight experiences can also serve as a unique business relationship tool for your clients and employees. Call the museum to discuss how our airplanes can help your business with a great team building or entertainment event.

You can reserve a flight experience by calling 346-352-7679, emailing us at flight@lonestarflight.org or by signing up via the online form.

The PT-17 Stearman, PT-19 Cornell and T-6 Texan can only carry one passenger. The T-41 Mescalero can carry up to 3 passengers, and the B-25 can carry  up to 5, all depending on their total weight.

We encourage you to share your experience with family and friends, but the cost of the flight covers aircraft expenses only. When rides are conducted at the museum, you and one guest are allowed complimentary admission to the museum. Others in your party will be charged regular admission. We offer discounts for groups of 20 or more. While you are at the museum, take a few moments to tour the aircraft displays. Our regular in-person admission is $18 for adults, $15 for seniors and youth ages 12 – 17, and $12 for children ages 4-11. Children 3 and under are admitted free.

Arrival:We ask that you arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled flight time to get acquainted with the aircraft and pilot. Prior to heading out to the flight line, you will be asked to fill out a liability waiver.


Shortly before boarding the airplane, we will review aircraft safety and flight procedures. You will then be seated in the aircraft. Passengers must remain seated and wear a seatbelt for all ground operations, during takeoff and landing, and at all times during the flight. For the B-25, T-6, Stearman, PT-19, and T-41, aircraft safety will take place after passengers climb into the plane.

During Flight:

Stearman, PT- 19, T-41, and T-6 passengers will remain belted in their seats at all times.

After Flight:

Once the crew has secured the aircraft you will be directed to exit. Feel free to pose for pictures, but use caution around the engines of all aircraft as they may still be hot. Please be sure to tour the Museum before you leave.

Each flight experience lasts approximately 35-40 minutes, of which 20-25 minutes will be in the air.

No. FAA regulations and Museum policies prevent us from performing aerobatics.

If you have further questions, please call 346-352-7679 or email us at flight@lonestarflight.org.

Yes. The person who is flying in the aircraft must be the person who fills out and signs the waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS.

TRAINERS:The Stearman and PT-19 are open cockpit airplanes and extra care is required when dealing with cameras and other loose items in your possession. Feel free to take pictures; however, we urge you to keep your camera on a short leash. It will be difficult to hold in the 100mph air stream outside the cockpit. Obviously, we are not responsible for any lost items or equipment. A headset will be provided. Sunglasses are encouraged to protect your eyes. The Stearman, PT-19 and T-6 are not climate-controlled so prepare for the weather accordingly. Rubber-soled, closed-toed shoes are mandatory. Non-baggy clothing is reccommended. Skirts are discouraged as some climbing is required to enter the cockpit.

Our aircraft were not designed for standard passenger operations; however, we have successfully flown people of limited mobility. Some physical exertion is required. Size and weight restrictions do apply. Please see “Are there any weight restrictions?” below. For any other health concerns, please consult your physician. Passengers MUST be able to get in and out of the aircraft on their own volition, or with some minimal amount of help to ensure their safety.

Passengers must be at least 18 years of age for flights in the T-6, Stearman and PT-19. Passengers who are 12-17 years old can fly in the B-25 or T-41 Mescalero if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Some may apply. We impose a 225 lb limit for the PT-19, a 250 lb limit for the Stearman and a 275 lb limit for the T-6 for safety reasons. For the T-41 Mescalero, the total weight limit for passengers is 450 lbs. Please consult your physician with any concerns.

No – anyone can enjoy a Flight Experience. All you need is a desire to fly in a historic aircraft.

No. FAA regulations prohibit you from occupying a pilot seat or interfering with the pilot during the flight.

No. It is not mandatory to be an LSFM Member to participate. However, a discount is given to LSFM members. Visit our website or call for membership information.

Weather and/or mechanical problems may delay or cancel a scheduled flight. If mechanical or weather problems occur at the time of your scheduled flight, alternatives will be discussed with you. Every effort will be made to reschedule these flights promptly. Weather conditions can vary greatly across our region. You may be charged a $100 fee if you fail to show for a scheduled flight, without advance notification, because the weather was “bad” at your location. We will make every effort to contact scheduled passengers when the weather forces a cancellation of flying activities.

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