Now on display at LSFM, the private collection of the late Durrell U. “Dee” Howard (1920 – 2009), the founder and CEO of the Dee Howard Company and member of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame.

For Douglas Ettridge, painting was a way of expressing the excitement he felt for the people and machines that defy the pull of gravity and leave the earth behind. Whether it was balloons, airplanes or rockets, he felt compelled to tell their stories from his viewpoint using paint on canvas. Along the way, he captured the spirit that inspires all those who look to the sky and yearn to fly. 

The thrill of triumph, the pain of tragedy, or the trepidation of a take-off into the unknown are all given life through Ettridge’s creations. Bringing the most important milestones and the simplest moments in aviation to life, he was a master storyteller who shares the excitement of humanity’s dream to fly. 

In Milestones and Moments, Ettridge’s paintings are complimented with historical documentation to help us better understand the people, places and planes that inspired his art.

This exhibit is included in your general admission and free for members.