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Hall of Fame

Rod Lewis

Pilot & Owner of one of the Largest WWII Aircraft Fleets

Rod Lewis

Born the son of a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot in Laredo, Texas, Rod Lewis’ passion for thrills were found in the energy industry and aviation. From the time he took flying lessons he was also blazing a trail in the oil industry. Beginning as a gauger in 1978, Lewis bought his first oil well in 1982 and the foundation of the energy giant Lewis Energy Group was born. His love of flying also flourished over the years. In 1981, he purchased his first plane, a hand-cranked Aeronca Chief, and eventually acquired over 80 aircraft, 30 of which are WWII warbirds that now fly as the Lewis Air Legends and the Air Legends Foundation. Lewis has logged over 12,000 flight hours and flies all of his planes, including “Glacier Girl”, a P-38 Lightning recovered after 50 years beneath 268 feet of Greenland ice, and restored to near-factory condition. His patriotism and love of aviation led to awarding scholarships for aviation and student pilots and enabled future generations to experience the history of WWII aircraft. Lewis is a member of the Living Legends of Aviation and serves as a Board Emeritus for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

“I believe in honoring our past, adapting to the present and investing in the future; three tenents I hold dear in the building of my aviation collection and energy company legacies.” – Rod Lewis

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