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Board of Directors

Patricia Jayne Keefer

In August 2003 Patricia Jayne Keefer retired after a 30-career with IBM responsibilities including management of worldwide and national consulting practices. IBM, International Business Machines, is a multifaceted computer technology corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York with operations in over 171 countries.

Mrs. Keefer had significant success as a young professional equestrian riding hunters and jumpers and took that same competitive spirit to aviation. She was taught to fly by her Pioneer Hall of Fame Mother, Marion Jayne and joined her in winning continent-spanning cross country air races starting in 1972. Mrs. Keefer also won air races with others that she taught to compete.

Together Marion Jayne and Patricia Jayne Keefer won FAI Gold Medals for the longest race in history flown around the world in 12 flying days over a 24-day period in 1994. They flew Jayne’s “World Racer,” the1970 Piper Twin Comanche that Mrs. Keefer has donated to the Museum. The 21,000 mile route had 14 stops and crossed 23 countries, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean’s Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal and the Pacific Ocean’s South China Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea.

From 1996-2007 as Chair and CEO of U.S. Air Race, Inc. Mrs. Keefer re-branded the company events to the National Air Races. Over 350 sponsors were recruited so the charitable organization could reach millions of people each year throughout the country with positive news of General Aviation flying safety that promoted 81 airports in 40 states and two countries. Under Mrs. Keefer’s leadership a perfect safety record equivalent to racing around the world 20 times with over 3,200 safe landings was achieved with pilots’ experience ranging from a hundred hours to 10,000 hours. The company awarded 26 Learn-to-Fly scholarships in equal numbers to men and women.

Mrs. Keefer serves as President of RTW, Round The World, A Motivational Company. Her goal is to inspire people, and especially children, to pursue careers in aviation and other STEM industries. Her Lifetime Memberships in both The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots, and Women in Aviation International work toward encouraging women to pursue careers in aviation. Both charitable organizations are known for their worldwide networks and scholarships. Mrs. Keefer is also a multi-decade member of AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association, EAA – Experimental Aircraft Association and VAA – Vintage Aircraft Association.

In 1997 Mrs., Keefer was honored with the 99s International Achievement Award. Mrs. Keefer was celebrated with induction into the International Forest of Friendship in 2011.

Mrs. Keefer is an award-winning author of several magazine articles and regularly answers questions on two Aviation Forums. In 2009 Mrs. Keefer founded and chaired the Accident Prevention and Safety Committee at Northwest Regional Airport. During her tenure there were no runway accidents or incidents. Her consulting enabled another Twin Comanche team to safely and successfully fly around the world. Other civic contributions include: President of the Colorado Capitol Peak HOA, Neighborhood Leader for Trophy Club, Texas’ first storm water remediation project and Girl Scout camping leader. Mrs. Keefer was elected to the Lone Star Flight Museum Board of Directors in 2022. Mrs. Keefer also heads the Patricia Jayne Keefer Foundation which is dedicated to advocating for equality, encouraging STEM education, inspiring others to pursue careers in aviation and community support.

Mrs. Keefer earned her B.A. in Physics in 1972 and M.B.A. in Management in 1973 from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After the death of her father in 1970, she worked as a Graduate Assistant in order to complete her education. She is a staunch advocate of STEM education as a foundation for success.

Mrs. Keefer was born and raised in rural Illinois northwest of Chicago. She has been a single and multi-engine licensed pilot for a half century with an instrument rating and a downhill skier for six decades. She has enjoyed hiking, wilderness backpacking and scuba-diving the Great Barrier Reef.

In 1975 Mrs. Keefer married college physics friend, Ken Keefer. Mr. Keefer joins her in supporting the Lone Star Flight Museum STEM programs and aircraft donation. The Keefers have resided in Trophy Club, Texas since 1984.

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