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Volunteers are Plane Amazing!

Event Date: Apr, 17 2022

Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week and Become A Summer Volunteer at LSFM!

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Our volunteer force is diverse and talented, and impact all aspects of the museum! This Summer we invite you to become part of our crew. Below are just a few of the great things they do!


Our docents have served, from the very beginning, to grow, educate and train interested volunteers in the history, stories and science of our Texas aviation and our aircraft.   They have organized and help develop an extensive source of information that is open to all volunteers. Dressed in red polos, they give tours, hangar talks, and other special lectures to aviation fans of all ages!

Gift Shop & Admissions

As the popularity of the museum increases, our need for help in the Gift Shop and at the Admissions desk has grown as well.  The interaction between staff and volunteers is seamless, and makes for a more enjoyable experience for our guests.

The Education Team

Our Education Department is top notch at the Lone Star Flight Museum.  Their goal is to bring education and inspiration to young people by challenging them through STEM, history and language arts experiences. Our volunteers help pass along the science and history of aviation to our young people, and help create a new generation of engineers, explorers, and innovators for tomorrow.

Flight Operations

Flight Operations is all about our aircraft! Our flying aircraft make for a unique experience for both our riders and guests. Fun and safe experience is what our flights ops crew is all about. Volunteers have always played a key role in most all aspects of this program.   Our pilots are volunteers.  They are professional pilots who share their love of flight.  Flying these very special aircraft, hearing them start up brings the wonder of our amazing collection alive to our guests.

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