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LSFM Receives Official Transfer of Simulator from Texas A&M

On June 4, 2022, the official NASA Space Shuttle Simulator transfer of ownership was celebrated at a dedication ceremony that included LSFM supporters, community members and shuttle program alumni.

The Motion Base Simulator, built in 1976, was first used to train flight crew for the STS-1 mission in 1979. The simulator was removed after the final shuttle mission in 2011 and sent to Texas A&M University for research and educational purposes. In 2022, a team of volunteers worked 5,000 hours to restore the simulator and ownership was then transferred to Lone Star Flight Museum. This artifact is now on permanent display at LSFM along with original shuttle flight logs, manuals, audio from missions and more.

Dedication ceremony included remarks from:
Col. Mike Fossum, Vice President of Texas A&M University and former astronaut
George W.S. Abbey, former NASA Johnson Space Center Director and Texas Aviation Hall of Fame member
Scott E. Rozzell, Chairman of LSFM Board of Directors
Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar, LSFM Board of Directors and former astronaut

To honor those associated with the rich history and future of aviation and space flight, the museum offered free admission to the employees of organizations that supported the shuttle program and the restoration process that brought it to LSFM.

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