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Hall of Fame

Tyson Weihs

Flight software entrepreneur

I realized that to be successful, we'd have to set up a culture fo rothers to succeed, define what success means for them and support them however needed.

Originally from South Carolina, Tyson Weihs earned a degree in Computer Science at Trinity University and earned an MBA at Rice University before going on to redefine how pilots approach flying. An instrument rated pilot, Weihs took an entrepreneurial approach to developing websites before turning to aviation software projects. In 2006 he and fellow pilot, Jason Miller, began to develop flight software for the iPhone that made flight planning easier. The software quickly found a following of pilots that used it to chart courses, fill out paperwork and get weather and airport information in flight. Weihs co-founded Houston-based ForeFlight in 2007. Foreflight’s app quickly migrated from recreational pilots to corporate aviation, flight schools, the military and many airlines. ForeFlight was acquired by Boeing in March 2019.

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